Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Amazing Pics from Cole Barash

I recently came across some photos by an American snowboard photographer which I absolutely love. Sometimes I'll see a collection, within which, maybe 3 shots will make me smile and the rest will bore me but nearly every photo from this dude blows my mind.

(I hope he doesn't mind me ripping off a pic...)

I read about Cole Barash in Outside Magazine, who said he was only 21 so the quality of these pics amazed me even more and in reading the below blog posting I couldn't help but laugh at the positive approach he takes:

Monday, February 9, 2009
Your bags are overweight sir... That will be $3100.

I travel heavy and frequently. And in all the places, airports, and countries I have departed from, I have never had a problem quite like this one....

Usually I am able to get by without paying overweight, being a loyal customer (1k mile) with united. Usually its all good. But it was a bit different this time flying from Zurich to Japan. Apparently, you are only allowed 20 kilo of total baggage allowance, and they allowed me 40 kilo. I had a total of 85 kilo to check on. The lady at Swiss airlines said, "sir, you are 45 kilo overweight, and we charge 70 swiss franks (about $70) for each extra kilo. Your total for 45 kilos will be 3100 swiss franks. She was not kidding, and i started to freak out as she was not going to budge. So I tried to solve and the only alternative was to have my bags shipped with TNT (fed version in switz) to Japan to show up 3 days later. So I missed my flight, and shipped the bags.

That was 9 days ago, and my bags still arent here. I have been in Japan without my lighting kit, or snowboard bag. It has been an interesting one for sure and has caused me to shoot quite different only with one flash. I am still very heated at this whole situation but I realized three things from this

1 This is traveling, combos of foreign variables sometimes produce bullshit
2 Some things in life, you cant control, and you have to make the best of, even at the most stressful of times.
3 When shit hits the fan, negative energy will bring negative outcome more times than not. So stay positive, and think of all solutions of a problem before deciding.
4 Fuck swiss air

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