Friday, 4 September 2009

4 Quick Observations

Considering I'm at work, I should make it quick. I just have to point out the below:

1) Kenenisa Bekele is running the 5,000m for a share in the $1m bonus at the IAAF Golden league in Belgium tonight. There are 3 athletes still in the running (you have to win your event in each of the 6 (?) events throughout the season to share in the jackpot).

2) Backing Nick Keifer at $12 against Nadal in the tennis today is a great bet in my eyes. Rapha says he is "100% ready" but that means everyone else's 100%, not Rapha's. £10 on Keifer thanks.

3) I'm paddleboarding in Brighton tomorrow and hanging for it so I've been following this 'race': Check it out. I hope to get photos tomorrow...

4) Rage Against the Machine are still *%$&"*@~# awesome.

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