Sunday, 30 August 2009

Notting Hill Carnival Special Post

This is for those who can't be here today. A collection of videos, photos, and whatever I find so you can sit there eating roast lamb, watching the footy and still feel like you're here!

I'll start with some tunes to put you in the mood:

Then give you one of the very few photos I can find:

If you look carefully over Rob's left shoulder you can see Dave Pethick and Lucan messing around- and possibly Graham in front trying to look non-mischeivous in front of the police horses!

I should make this post educational:

To remind you of the shit fight that is Notting Hill Carnival, you can send yourself back to Sancho Panza:

And then prepare for a riot:

Found another photo:

But I'll leave you with one last tune- just to leave Lucan wanting more...

Check my twitter periodically if you want to live vicariously!


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