Sunday, 29 November 2009

More meat and beer than a Czech restaurant...

Wow, where has the last month gone? 2 crazy weeks in London organising stuff and 2 crazy weeks in Perth seeing people and places.

Our excuse for coming back to Aus was for Simon and Hanna's wedding. That event was one day long. We felt we would need another 59 days after that to recover. So we have one month in Perth and one month in melbourne. Perfect.

The first few days in Perth were wet- Sydney stylie wet. Everyone spent hours telling me that it was unusual; I ignored their pleas and apologised in advance to anyone coming to melbourne. But it eventually cleared up and temperatures allowed our pasty English skin to warm up to the true Australian heat. Within a few days we were ready for low 30's and that's what we got.

Our first weekend was taken up with the wedding, beginning with a lawn bowls session at North Beach Bowls Club on the Friday:

(Humpy, Neilly, Simey and Tommy...)

Saturday was the wedding itself:

...and the fun of shooting Reservoir Dogs stylie photos:

The next couple of days was a blur of BBQs. Until it all culminated in a boat trip up the Swan River to some wineries, including the location of the wedding only 6 days previously.

It was all relatively classy (for a Booze Cruise) until at lunch our crew/ waiters/ hosts started singing bad show tunes for us.

This continued back on the boat, however, it became fun when we realised that one of the dudes was actually quite good- and cheeky. It emerged that he was a top 100 (finalist?) of Australian Idol and he loved it.

...but so did Gayle:

A lot.

...and like Mother, like Son:

But when Simon and I joined a climate change protest

and Simon danced with a Polar Bear

we figured it was almost time for another drink. A few more days and a few more BBQs bring me to now. I'm well and truly back in Australia. More meat and beer than a Czech restaurant... I'm looking forward to a quiet week down in Yallingup next week, and then melbourne in mid-December for more of the same.

Congratulations Si and Han, it was a beautiful wedding.