Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Late le Tour Finale

The final stage of the 2014 Tour de France will once again be a night stage.  The 8.30pm start time was tested at the 2013 Tour and approved again for the 101st running of the event. 

While I’m a fan of night events and mixing things up (think Singapore F1, night finals, any Red Bull event…) this is also a trap for young spectators.  Myself included.  Although the 2006 finale was scheduled to come through Paris around 4.30pm I had mindlessly booked a 5.30pm Eurostar out of there.  The procession ended up 45 minutes late and left Lucan and I pushing the already lead-footed taxi driver to get us to Gare du Nord quicker than a Bourne Supremacy car chase.  He loved it.

We didn’t see a single bike that day, but we made the train with about 15 seconds to spare. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Happy Friday

This is me on the weekend...

The tandem clip.  Who's gonna join me?

Thursday, 28 November 2013

It's Worth It

I'm currently in that frame of mind that it's not worth the effort, the pain, the struggle, the organisation, or the hard work.  But this vid reminds me of some of the rewards.  Unfortunately some of the clips are also used in the vid I put up yesterday but it's still a better view.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Nicely worded

I like these ideas.  I would like to live them more than I currently do.

Sit back and enjoy a short piece on exploration by none other than Buzz Aldrin.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Chris Legh

As a sports fan when I was a kid I still remember every single interaction I had with athletes I looked up to. I remember most of those conversations word for word. I think I still have a few basketball player's and surfer's signatures around somewhere. Nearly everyone was extremely nice and took the time to make me feel special and as a result they all were, and many remain, on the metaphorical pedestal I placed them upon. 
Until I met Chris Legh I had never met an athlete I looked up to who put me on the same level as them. We were equals. This wasn't merely because triathletes are far from rockstars and Chris was young; this was a genuine, down-to-earth personality and pride Chris had in sharing triathlon with others.
Stolen from Chris at home in Melbs.

I've only met Chris twice; once after a small race in Melbourne in... I'm guessing 1996- and once at swimming training shortly after, but both times he was happy to answer my many inane triathlon questions, made me feel like I was on the right track, and also made me feel like I had contributed some knowledge to the conversation. I don't think there's much greater feeling of empowerment than teaching an idol something, even if 17 years of hindsight suggests he was probably aware that putting your sunnies in your helmet in transition is faster. 
With that information in his arsenal Chris won several Ironman races, and made it to the pointy end of the race in Kona before melting and inadvertently creating some of the most spectacular vision in endurance sport. He worked with the Gatorade Sport Science Institute to dial in his hydration and came back stronger. Getting through another health issue in 2006 Chris was unable to race Ironman consistently so adapted with the situation and ended up dominating 70.3 racing for years. 
It is this relentless desire to find a new way to do things that has allowed Chris to race professionally for more than 20 years and maintain long relationships with sponsors. Being instrumental in the creation of Ironman Melbourne and still wanting to go long, Chris raced IM Melbs this year, taking an incredible 5th place then backed it up with a great race at Coeur d'Alene and managed to qualify for Hawaii, where he will race his last as a professional this Saturday. 
As an outside observer of his glittering career I have the utmost respect for his ability to adapt, his understanding of the business of triathlon, and what seems like, year-round fitness! However, as an insider to that conversation in 1996 that Chris will most certainly have forgotten, I have the utmost respect for the time he took to make me feel like I could go pro if I wanted to.

Monday, 16 September 2013

First Roll of the Season

On the weekend I went for my first proper ride in so long; in fact, I don't remember the last time I rode a bike more than 20kms.  A cruisy roll along the Yarra Trails towards Eltham was all I needed.  70kms done and I was shattered.  It's at this time of the year I wonder how I'll ever get fit again.  I promise, when I get to March I'm not stopping.  No amount of exercise science can make me believe my body needs rest each year if it means starting from scratch again like this!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

What's He Thinking?

Jacobs singing Crowie to sleep?

I love getting a glimpse into the mindset of athletes I respect.  Any little snippet I can get to see how they motivate, how they push harder, or how they prepare fascinates me.  This photo shows me nothing.  In fact, this photo gives me more questions than answers!

On the left is Craig Alexander, 2 time World Ironman champion and one of the best prepared athletes in the triathlon world.  When he rocks up to race you can be sure he's got the whole thing dialled.  He doesn't come unprepared.

On the right is Pete Jacobs, triathlon journey-man.  Not a novice when it comes to long distance racing but he certainly manages to fly under the radar.  In both the 2 years previous to this photo he had made the podium at Kona (I think) so he was close to the win.

This media conference was in the days before the 2012 Hawaiian Ironman, after a few months of Pete Jacobs telling anyone who would listen that he was ready to win.  Had the ever humble Crowie had enough of hearing the talk?  I think a lot of people had written him off as all talk, myself included.

Pete Jacobs ended up dominating everyone who stood in his way that day.