Friday, 29 January 2010

It's Evolution, Baby

Trigger Happy

For years I've wanted a remote for my camera. For some reason it just seems fun to take photos without being anywhere near the camera. Unfortunately my glaring lack of photog talent has limited the amount of fun I could ever have with a remote. But I bought one anyway. £5 from eBay, can't go wrong.

So yet again I'm excited to learn the theory of taking good pictures, I only hope I remember it this time...

A lot of people are taking 'a photo a day for a year' but I don't have the commitment, nor the know-how to do that so what I'll do instead is commit myself to a photo everyday throughout February. (I haven't really thought this idea through yet so bare with me...) Should set some rules:
-The photos will be self-portraits
-They will show me doing whatever I will be doing that day.
-They will be varied (I'm getting in way over my head now...)

I apologise in advance of the pics of me taking a pic! The hope is that as the month progresses we will see how my creativity and ability has improved. Or, worst case scenario, I'll document the most boring month of my life. Either way, this will force me to get out and take pics, learn more about photography, and post a blog every day. ...oh, a perfect world...

To do this, however, I need your help. You are ALL better photogs than I, so send me your tips. If you want to see a photo taken in a particular way or me doing something interesting (a photo of me getting a job is on the cards) then let me know.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Happy Australia Day!

I'm back. ...and I'm not sure what happened to the last 2 and a half months either. Someone said that when you have something good enough to blog about, you're usually too busy doing it to write about it. That's my excuse too. Nevertheless, I'm here now and it has been a good holiday. If I can find the photos and stories to prove it, I will.

So today is my first post for a while; and it's going to be plagiarised. I love the way Andrew G puts thoughts into words so I'm stealing his Australia Day rant from his 365 photos in 365 days (a brilliant set of self-portraits, one taken every day for a year. Worth checking out).

"26th of January 1788 was the day that the British claimed Australia "By power of flag" (Thanks Eddie Izzard).
They also conveniently claimed the land was "Terra Nullis", meaning that as far as they were concerned, no-one lived there.

This was certainly news to the Aboriginal people, the oldest continuous culture on Earth, who at the time numbered nearly a million in population, with almost a thousand different dialects of spoken language and a rich and incredible spiritual connection with the land.

They never had a chance.
Still to this day, it's somewhat the case sadly.

I am an Australian, though I was not born there. I indeed am an immigrant - which unless you have any Aboriginal ancestry, you are too - and I'm equally proud of my country and ashamed of what happened and is still happening to this incredible culture of people.

Australia is a nation of immigrants, and that's about it.
Any kind of anger towards immigrants in Australia is nothing short of hypocritical.

Unfortunately in recent years the line between patriotism and jingoism has been blurred, with people expecting society to excuse anti-immigrant, anti-white, racist and anti-social acts under the guise of "It's Un-Australian" to speak up or deride their actions.

Fuck that, and fuck those small minded yobbos.
Read a book, learn some history, show some compassion.

We share a country that has succeeded over adversity, and was built by people from all over the world, and are ultimately visitors ourselves on land that was stolen from another society. All of these things built Australia as it is today, and should be remembered on this day.

So enjoy your day, have fun..
Share it with friends, and all of your fellow Australians..

I am rather homesick today, can you tell?

So here's a photo of a proud Australian immigrant in a pair of Chinese Jeans, enjoying a Dutch beer in an American Sunset snapped by a Japanese Camera, lit by Swedish flashes.

Happy Australia day."

I wish I could have said it that well...