Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Isle of Purbeck

Funny name, serious stuff.

Deneil and I managed to get away for the weekend to the Isle of Purbeck, just past Bournemouth on the English south coast. We stayed in Swanage- right at the end of it.

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It was a late decision to go- all previous plans to get up to York were too hard so I made a late call on Friday night and luckily scored a great hotel. If you head down there, check out The Castleton. Fantastic hotel. Best breakfast I've ever had, not aimed too much at the over 95's (ie. no flying ducks or spoon collections on the wall) and friendly but most importantly interesting owners.

Upon recommendation of the owner, we made a reservation for the closest restaurant. Suited me- it was right on the beach and only 100m roll downhill. The Ocean Bay restaurant had great food and was surprisingly not very expensive. What WAS surprising, was the view from the balcony.

Clear water, white sand, a beautiful bay... I kept forgetting I was in England! Apparently Saturday night was the end of the week long Swanage Festival, so we also watched fireworks as we ate dinner.

As we were just on the edge of town, we decided to go exploring after dinner. I'd like to write an elaborate, witty story about what we found but I'm tired and the fact is that we stopped at the amusement parlour and gambled away all of Deneil's 2p coins. (Anyone who has seen her wallet will know that's an awful lot!)

Anyway, after being kicked out of the amusement parlour for banging the machine when it stole our 6p, we questioned the accuracy of the name 'amusement' parlour and stumbled home to bed.

The next day we had a proper look through the town and decided the weekend isn't long enough and we'd like to go back...

I was going to add more photos but my camera just died. Tomorrow...

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