Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Extreme Lawn Bowls and the Benefits of Perry Como

It only took us 7 months to get around to it, but we finally held our engagement party on Saturday. It wasn't as though there was a lot of planning, it was more like we couldn't be bothered organising it. Too much emphasis on the weather, making sure everybody was free, and then there's the added pressure of making sure people talk about it for years to come.

So we picked a date, and then left it as late as possible before saying we REALLY need to plan this. Despite only 2 weeks notice, Deneil and I were both amazed and humbled to have 43 people rock up on the day. I like to put that down to the fact that we are awesome people but in reality I think it's because everybody wanted to have a stab at lawn bowls.

Amanda showing how it's done.

Thanks to Deneil, Clare and Renee who cooked all night on Friday, we were able to set up a picnic in the park, just outside the bowls club and people took turns working through about 22 bottles of champagne and bowling. I'm not sure if alcohol assisted bowling ability, but I do know that without the right hat, you're nothing.

Jay rocking the latest fashions.

Team Extreme:
Scott, Kelly, Deneil, Me, Dave.

Renee and Abby working it for the cover of Bowls Monthly Magazine.

If Scalens made 'footy' cards but for bowlers, this would be the shot.

"Jack High, Ruth!"

I can feel the power already: Deneil launching a missile.


The distance from the Jack. Nothing about Tommy...

Spider showing what he learned after all those years at the St Kilda RSL.

Brett working his magic.

Call of the day had to come from Clare who said "I can't wait til I'm 70; finally a sport I'm good at".

After bowling we moved down to the pub (because 22 bottles of champagne is never enough).

...where there was a bit of this:

...a bit of this:

...too much of this:

...and then a lot more of this:

Thank you so much to Ravenscourt Bowls Club. If you haven't been to lawn bowls before, psych yourself up with some Perry Como, grab some friends, and head down there.

Thanks Renee, Clare, and Deneil for cooking awesome food. Thanks Dave for coming up from Torquay especially for this, and I know there were a lot of people who postponed/ blew off other engagements so they could attend/ bowl/ drink free champagne. Thanks for all the presents, too- you all rock.

I'll leave you with something to get you in the mood for some extreme lawn bowls this weekend.

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Gordon Campbell said...

Oh my God ... SPIDER ... you could not possibly have learned that delivery style at St. Kilda RSL. If you are a right-hander, your LEFT foot should be forward!