Thursday, 24 September 2009

Parting Shot

What a monstrosity. Julian Wilson throwing up an arial pop shove-it then hits the lip riding goofy and he gets a 5.8. 5.8? You want progression? Start judging progressive moves. Perry (Hatchett- head judge) you're a dinosaur. Go home. Taj is the greatest surfer to never win the title and that's because he was progressive and didn't get judged properly. Now he's one of the most boring competition surfers on earth because he knows his moves wont be judged properly. The reason Josh Kerr left the tour is because his moves weren't judged properly. The only people who watch this sport are surfers. You know why? Cos it's fucking boring. There are 5 tricks in the whole sport- top lip, bottom carve, floater, tube, and cutback. 2 of those tricks can't even be done unless the wave is a certain shape- which rarely happens because the tour only goes to poor locations. No wonder nobody other than surfers watch the sport; it's the same 3 tricks over and over again. It's boring. ASP: ditch the judges. Get young judges who recognise progressive moves. Ditch the same old locations. Take the tour to great waves EVERY stop. 5.8 for Julian Wilson's arial pop shove-it? What a joke. I'm done with supporting competition surfing. Nothing new has happened since 1992 and I'm over it.

Slater: I'm with you.

Watch the heat and decide for yourself:
Round 1, Heat 6.

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