Friday, 25 September 2009

General Observations (round 2)

Just a few thoughts...

So Clare Weberloff, the Chk Chk Boom girl, is in discussions with the producers of Big Brother- possibly creating another monotinous TV program. I'm down with people milking it.

You may remember her (what some would suggest) racist comments in an on the scene interview with Channel 9 after a shooting in Kings Cross earlier this year. Good luck to her, I hope she enjoys the celebrity status Australia will give her.

In other news, a 19 year old Perth student's website has been shut down and is being investigated by police because his fictional character 'Nigel the Crazy Noonga' has been deemed to be racist.

I'm not going to waste time discussing the ins and outs of each case. I see both sides of both instances- I just think it's funny that one case allows the perpetrator access to great resources and the other simply gets shut down. Moral of the story? Get Max Markson to represent you.

Another observation is much closer to my heart. CJ Hobgood- one of the best and most deserving surfers on tour- had his boards stolen the night before a competition started in France. Additionally painful because:
a) there were 9 boards in total;
b) this is the start of a 3 comp European leg of which all boards needed for the next two months were stolen;
c) he is currently running 4th in the world.

CJ won Mundaka last year and I would expect he will do particularly well in Europe again this time around so unlike Micky Piccon, I don't lay blame upon a gang of theiving Spanish surfboard smugglers who make stealth missions across the border to steal boards in the dead of night, only to disappear into the Basque landscape. No. My suspicions land squarely on the ASP leaderboard. Current number 5 on tour is... Damien Hobgood. Is this a case of sibling rivalry? Is this an inside job?

Either way, help CJ get his boards back. He's a spectacular surfer and a great guy.

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