Sunday, 4 October 2009


Ok. I'm ready. It has been brewing for a few months and over the last few weeks I've been consciously considering the pros and cons of returning to triathlon to polish the last thing on my triathlon list- the Ironman.

I originally planned to do this at around 25 years of age but I guess that decision was made when I was 15 and surrounded by triathlon. When I left triathlon at 17 there seemed no point going back because the only reason I did it was to be better than yesterday and that would require all my time and effort. I know people who still do that and good luck to them but I, personally, would rather have friends.

So something over the past 6 months has changed in my mentality surrounding racing that has allowed me to consider doing this without destroying my lifestyle. For me to do longer distance races my goal is no longer faster and stronger. I have always wanted to finish Hawaii and to do that I need to qualify so I still need to be quick but it's not the be all and end all. My new goals surround pushing myself further, going longer.

Triathlon is such a simple sport but psychologically very complex once you start investigating your reasons for being there. So I can't do it without goals- that would just be a swim, ride and run. I'll race the Geelong half ironman in February 2011 (what? I've got a lot of work to do!) with the aim of racing Ironman Australia, possibly in Port Macquarie in March 11, but more likely in Busselton in Dec 11.

...better find a physio first.

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