Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Drunken Athletes

Recently I've seen a few photos of my favourite athletes enjoying themselves, so I decided to start a collection of them. (And short of anything remotely interesting in my life to add to this blog, I may as well post them all here...)

I'll start with surfers. (...cos they're usually pissed anyway.)

Hoyo pictured with Ry Craike. Hoyo's probably not even drunk here- it's just what he does.

Luke-E with Occy. Two of the greatest surfers of all time and a bottle of Jaegger. That's a party.

Taj. As usual, just "getting stoked with the other kids".

Jordy. Working his magic...

Steds. Subtle as usual, yet still makes an impact.

Campbo. This is as aggressive as I would ever like to see Campbo. He can throw a punch.

Eugene. The loosest cannon on tour. I'm sure we can find a better pic of Eugene. Send 'em in.

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