Saturday, 14 February 2009


So after searching with immense frustration for the administrator of my own blog- the one I set up, I author, and I manage, I found out during the week that I am the administrator but with an old email address! Had this information have come up a week ago I would have no dilemma. But last weekend, in my fury, I started building a new blog from scratch.

Now I'm not sure which one I like better! I only wanted to add my Twitter updates to the side, and now I have that on both blogs. The name of the other blog: Random Inflection, I quite like, too. So I'll put up a poll.

Out of:
Which layout do you prefer? Please also keep in mind the site addresses when making your decision! VOTE ON THE POLL TO THE RIGHT OF THE SCREEN.

On another note, I'll be in Stockholm this weekend and hope to update Twitter with lots of useless little points so if you wanna see if I'm having more fun than you are, check back here over the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

Was down at Anglesea on weekend, blown out as hell but good to be back in salt water!

I like the new layout because the slide show brought back some serious memories of Notting Hill Carnival 06!!