Sunday, 6 March 2011

You learn something new each day

I've just been informed that most weather forecasting bureaus admit that their forecasting accuracy is reduced by 10% for each day in advance, falling from 98%. The 10% reduction I can understand but the 98% accuracy of tomorrow's weather I would dispute!

Yesterday Yahoo! were suggesting 8 degrees and partly cloudy yet today they suggest 5 and partly cloudy. Unfortunately for them it is currently 4 and overcast. A far cry from the 9 and sunny they guessed on Monday and an even further cry from the 33 and sunny I was hoping for...

So that concludes this tediously useless study. Don't think I'll do that again...

Thanks to Clark I learned something else last week: when an electrical surge goes through an old building with galvanized pipes, it turns all the calcium build ups into hydrocarbon. Thus your drinking water is grot.

Don't say this blog isn't educational.

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ports said...

I can reliably tell you it was 28 in MEL on Sunday.....maybe that’s what you were thinking of??? surf was 'up' too, just to gloat a bit more.