Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I have some pretty cool weekends away...

I am now convinced that I do have pretty cool weekends away.

A few weekends ago Deneil and I decided to get away from London for a night so on the Friday we drove to Henley, just west of London. We lined up a cool hotel right on the river (they called it a hotel, I called it a mini apartment) which had old school furnishings, warm carpet and heaps of book cases.

On the recommendation of my boss, we had dinner at a French restaurant around the corner which was sensational. There was also a bar and billiard room attached which were both fantastic. The French waiters were great and the French bar staff, although lacking a lot of English, were also good. Check it out: www.hotelduvin.co.uk

Then on Boxing Day we headed to a property near Bath, also West of London to stay for 3 days. It was perfect to just get away from everyone and everything. There were a lot of DVDs watched, one run done, plenty of Wii played (what a fukn awesome christmas present from Deneil) and lots of great cooking and even better sleeping!

Now to plan our next...

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