Tuesday, 6 January 2009

London Winter

There are a lot of very valid complaints about London weather but on Saturday I saw the complimentary side of it. While running through Richmond Park with Deneil I saw a frozen lake for the first time up close. I've seen snowy lakes before but never a plain sheet of see through ice, and I loved it. I giggled like a girl when I threw sticks at it and they just bounced. I didn't take pictures- you can all imagine a frozen lake...

This morning I had more fun with London winter, just not as comfortable. I rode to work in the snow. Luckily it wasn't very deep at all, but that just set up for continuous fishies all the way through Hyde Park. Next time it snows I want to be able to throw it sideways further than today!

I picked up a new Felt Q220 last week to smash into the ground while in London so I'm trying to break that in so I can true the wheels (the disc rubs ever so slightly) and get a new rear cassette cos the gear ratio is shit. Everything else on it seems pretty good, but it's heavy as. Oh, and the seat's not a Flite Titanium so I might have to change that too... A new bracket for the Garmin GPS was £8! What a rip. Now I just need a tough light to rock it with my knog single LEDs, which I love.

I should have batteries for my camera soon so if I find anything worth taking a blurred photo of in pitch black at 6am or 5pm, I will.

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