Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Christmas Spirit is Still Alive...

So I got on a bus tonight after being rejected by my girlfriend (I'm not sure why yet- it may have been due to inaccurate arrival times or excessive drunkeness... Either way, she has a point...) but on Christmas Eve I was expecting everyone to have a place to go and people to see. So I got onto a bus tonight with my Oyster Card (rechargable ticket) 10p in debit. Expecting the driver to either stab me or tell me to fuck off, he asked me where I was going. When I told him I was going 2kms down the road, he smiled and said 'Merry Christmas'... What a fukn legend!

It wasn't even the 90p I saved, it was the human spirit which said 'fukkit, ignore rules when you are a thinker'. I would hope he had the realisation that I was a regular public transport user so it was worth the risk.

Either way, he made my day. Bus drivers cop a LOT of shit. I hope they can deal with it just a little longer cos the majority of them do a tops as job.

If you are dong a job you hate, keep it up for just a little longer, cos someone loves it. You're doing well.

Merry New Year.

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