Monday, 21 November 2011

Yer Woik en Poind Lend?

Last night, while sitting at the pub below my hotel in Suffolk reading the wikipedia page on the Suffolk accent ( and some old guy came up to me and barked: "Yer woik en Poind Lend?".Had I not just read "I'll" becomes "oi'll" (as in "oil") e.g. "Oi'll see yer 'amara". This also happens to other words with the 'ae' sounds in, such as "five", which becomes "foive" I would have had no idea what he was on about! In all seriousness I read that sentence 30 seconds before he approached me.

Anyway, we had a good chat about how I don't actually work at Poundland but I'm a spitting image of a guy who always serves him there. Flattering.

This morning was nicer. I got to have a look inside the church where my family seemed to have quite a presence in the mid C.19th and saw a plaque listing Jeremiah Fenton as a church warden.
After the church I drove up to York in thick fog so I couldn't tell you that the countryside was beautiful but I just imagined it was... Tomorrow I hope to drive through the Yorkshire Dales in bright blue sunshine. In reality, however, I can only promise that I'll drive through the Yorkshire Dales. We'll see about the weather.

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