Sunday, 20 November 2011

Road Trip!

There is always a good reason to go on a road trip. They should make a dice with a different reason on each side and whatever it lands on, that's your excuse to your boss/ spouse/ parents/ children/ parole officer. They're all valid. Mine is to tick off the things I was too busy/ lazy/ 'it's been there for 1600 years it'll be there another few' reasoning to do. So with my last day of work yesterday and my flight out of the UK 11 days away, it's time for a road trip.

Planning something like this is can be dangerous because once you start thinking about places that would be 'nice to' see it opens a whole can of worms. I'd really like to see parts of Scotland but once I'm over that border Fort William would be nice, but Thorso is definitely my next stop. When there, however, what's to say an afternoon on Orkney is out of the question? Unfortunately I'm ruled by time. So I've reluctantly ruled out Scotland (and the resulting trips to Orkney, Shetlands, Norway, and further...) and Ireland (who knows where I could go after Iceland and Greenland!!).

I have given myself 7 days to explore as much as possible in the following loop:
Bury St Edmunds
Leeds (maybe)
North Wales
There's not a lot of driving there by Australian standards but lots I want to see in each of those areas. I can also fit Hadrian's Wall in between York and North Wales, which I've wanted to see since before I came over here...

So I'm now in Bury St Edmunds where the first Fenton to reach Australia in 1858 grew up. Tonight I scoped out Samuel Jeremiah Fenton's hood and walked past his house. I'd put photos up but it was 4pm in November so obviously it was pitch black. I have no idea why he moved to Australia...

Tomorrow I'll have a look at a bit more of the town and check out surrounding towns with links to the Fentons to see what I can find.

If it requires a road trip I'll do it.

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