Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I managed to pack a bit into today. The weather forecast was for sunshine so I decided to drive out to the Yorkshire Dales and have a look around but it was foggy the whole time so all I saw was this:
But it was a nice drive and I can imagine they'd be beautiful. I think if I grew up there I'd: a) run like a demon; b) be pretty handy on a motorbike with a shottie; and c) be bored senseless. It was nice to see though. I would think they're exactly as they were 1000 years ago, including the farming set up.

My drive through the Dales was quicker than expected so I pushed hard and managed to get back to York just after lunch and fit the Viking Museum in this afteroon. I read that this was the most popular attraction in the UK outside London and it's easy to see how. It's incredible. I have some kind of strange interest in Vikings but even if you didn't I would highly recommend this. There are 3 distinct sections, the first standing on glass overlooking an actual archaelogical dig; the second is a kind of rollercoaster ride through a makeshift Viking village as it were set up in York; and the third is a collection of artefacts found in York. It was fascinating.

Then tonight I ran with a guy who finished 10th in my age group in the half Ironman world championships. Given my 'make-it-up-as-I-go' training over the past month or two I have to say I was nervous about the pace we would be doing but it was great. He's a lovely guy and despite being able to destroy me 99 times out of 100 on the course we had a good run. He showed me York in the way I love, through the eyes of a local. No guidebook can do that. Mind you, no guidebook will keep my heart rate at 197 bpm for an hour either...

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