Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ironman melbourne

This event was years in the making and surprising that it took so long. But what they've produced will be brilliant. The course, the logistics, and the beautiful (but ridiculous) sport that is Ironman will combine with the best city in the world for an incredible day in March next year.

Most Ironman races around the world are still open for entry in the months leading up to them but the two previous races in Australia sell out in 20 minutes every year. When they announced that a 3rd race in Aus will be held I knew this would sell out fast. Registrations opened at 4am this morning, London time, and I was ready. I made sure my account was ready, I knew my password, I had all the web addresses saved and I had money in my account. But I slept though my alarm. Dickhead. Reports are coming through that this sold out in 6 minutes and I also heard 3 minutes. So I don't expect to have got in anyway but it would have been nice to have tried. Congratulations to everybody entered- simply registering would have been harder than qualifying for Kona.

There's definitely scope for more Ironman races in Australia but that's a rant for another post and I will go on for ages. I'm annoyed I missed out but this lifted my spirits:

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