Thursday, 25 August 2011


The Curiosity Show is up for sale, complete with colourful jumpers and creepy facial hair. The production company of the children's science show from the 1970's and 80's has gone into liquidation and is to sell off all assets. The downside, though is that the two presenters are not selling their half, and you need to bring your own scissors, toilet roll and kettle.

What is exciting, however, is that the production company also own Humphrey B. Bear. The mute bear who made the effort to wear a waist coat, hat and tie but neglected to wear pants is up for sale along with the merchandising and all intellectual property (pardon the pun) relating to the show.

Despite Humphrey's nose being dirtier than the Blarney Stone, I think I, too, may have kissed it in my youth so I'd like to see Humphrey wildly gesturing in a park on a sunny day (providing it's a sanctioned event- he's borderline shady) or see him back on TV.

Now taking bets as to what he's worth...

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