Saturday, 14 May 2011

Things I Saw Today

The Med was a lake. I had an incredible swim with a guy I ride with in London. The water was crystal clear, like glass and 19 degrees.

Faris Al-Sultan, a German powerhouse and 2005(ish) winner of the Hawaiian Ironman trying to get to the German race briefing and pasta party but being stopped by everyone for a photo. I didn't hassle him for another pic, so you get his bike instead.

After the English race briefing some hotel/ resort sponsor put some singing and dancing on- a stage full of glitter and jazz hands prancing around to the most camp showtunes you can think of. This didn't go down well in front of 400 or so A-type personalities. Needless to say I didn't get a photo but the look of dismay on the ambitious, agressive triathlete types was priceless.

My race gear.

Do all these German athletes walk around their own streets wearing lycra all day or just while around a race? Some of this is ridiculous!


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