Friday, 6 May 2011

Random Pics

I have written my race report from the Lisbon half ironman but am waiting for photos. So while I wait at the airport for another 2 hours I'll give you some pics that were on my phone...

Ever since I saw 'Malcom', the 1984 Australian ripper of a movie starring the legendary Colin Friel, I've wanted to see the trams in Lisbon. After I got this shot my purpose had been served.

The swim course in Lisbon on the only sunny day I saw. It pissed down each of the other days, including race day and never looked this good again.

I tape my gels to my bike's top tube so I can just rip them off during a race and they're open. I didn't realise til after that I had quite the variety of flavours. They don't taste as good as the wrapping colour suggests.

The City Gates in Valencia were huge. I love to put myself in the position a city might have experienced when things like this were built. Good luck getting past these puppies with ya bow and arrow.

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