Friday, 13 May 2011

It Took A While To Wind Up...

...but I'm going now. As I sit in the lobby of this... let's call it 'family friendly' hotel I listen to some cheap cabaret version of Hall and Oates 'Man Easter' and am reminded of swimming lessons at Harold Holt pool in (when would that song have been released?? 1984?? Hopefully they did me some good (the lessons, not Hall and Oates) because I have my second half ironman in 2 weeks on Saturday and I'm tired.

With the swim traditionally being my weakest discipline, it was always a worry when I was feeling better in the water than on land. Luckily today, while I do feel better in the water, I am feeling confident with the run and, slightly less-so, the ride. Bike issues this week have been painful; 2 attempts to ride the course were both shot down within the first 3kms and left me sitting on the beach with the other fat seals (obese tourists).

I have been in Alcudia since Monday and it took me a while to get going- especially because the weather throughout my whole trip has been average. Yesterday and today are the 4th and 5th sunny days in nearly 3 weeks. First world problems, I know... I could never do this pro triathlete thing. As well as liking money too much I also like the challenge of fitting work, training and other committments in. Having all day to do just a few hours of training leaves me with no motivation and this weather is very conducive to sitting on the beach and getting drunk. But today I shook out my lethargy with some bike sprints (it worked!) and a long overdue straightening on my muscles. So despite the enormous dinner I just ate I am feeling fast.

I've been looking at this photo since October (through the long cold London winter) and today I finally stood in this place and it looked just like that. Thomas Hellreigel, one of the German Ironman powerhouses I looked up to when I was 16 in racing on Saturday. And I'm feeling fast. I'm looking forward to Saturday.

But for now I need to get out of here- they've just started up the kareoke machine.

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