Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sport is the Winner on the Day...

The first ever Twitter Time Trial has been completed and somehow the conclusion did not excite me the same way the lead-up did. Maybe I like the medium used to lay the bet down (it's different to the usual pub argument, and in this case 2 million people knew about it before Lieto got a chance to say no). Maybe the simple fact that Armstrong was always gonna win made this a no contest. What I did like, however, was the fact that Lieto skipped his morning swim to stay fresh and Armstrong wore a complete time trial suit, bar helmet, so neither player was going to let up.

Armstrong finished the 14 miles in 18 mins 35 seconds, Lieto in 18 mins 44 seconds. I like the way Armstrong took a pic of his time but covered the power output... It was probably around 500 watts- very powerful.

This will not be settled until there's a 3.8km swim before it, a longer (180km) ride, and a marathon after it. Then, I feel, the result will be different.

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