Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Now for the Important Stuff

The I's have it. 68% believe the Footprints is a better logo for Deneil's Physio practice. The website for Chiswick Children's Therapy is currently being built and a physio revolution will be underway soon.

Several important pieces of news have been brewing over the weekend, and with the logo ballot out of the way, they can now be unleashed.

1) Missy Giove, the greatest mountain bike rider of all time, and all-round nut case was busted with 180kgs of marijuana on the weekend.
See you in about 2 years Missy.

2) Jordy Smith, WCT surfer, pulled off a Rodeo Clown on a surfboard.

Do that in a comp and I'll take my hat off to you Jordy...

I had another vid to show you but I can't find it now, and I'm going to the tennis, so I'll try to find it later. Observational tennis twitter messages coming right up...

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