Friday, 19 June 2009

Deneil's company logo

We're asking the general public for a vote on which company logo is best for a Children's Physio Practice. Please let us know what you think with the vote to the right of screen. Deneil and I are torn. The vote closes on Sunday night.


Ports said...

2nd one looks like you're kiddy fidlers...its unfair deneil should be tarnished with your brush.

Brent said...

Where the picture of an ass with a fist coming out of it?
...I'd salute that flag

Andrew said...

Not sure that the first one would resinate with your clients. The globe? i assume? and the arrow? i can only imagine that is refering to Den as an antipo? but is that what her clients want? I think 2 is more approriate. Is the pink and blue there to identify between the sexes? Is it important to identify that as a physio you treat both sexes? Call me if you wanna talk through it more.