Saturday, 9 May 2009

What have you done for me lately?

I think, in general, I run on inspiration. I enjoy pushing myself hard but I could also sit on the couch for years on end, Occy stylie. Tracksuit pants and all. So when I've got the time and energy I need inspiration to push myself harder and that, overall, is what makes me tick. (Future managers, take note- we're not building rockets here.)

So over the past 2 weeks I've had bucketloads of time, plenty of energy, but only a little bit of inspiration here and there; and I have recently realised that when people ask what I've been up to if I offer a nonchalant, non-committal answer then I probably haven't had the drive to achieve anything. Well, either that or I've been working hard but I don't want them to know about it! Anyway, the point is that I don't think my idols have been working hard enough over the past 2 weeks and I want them to lift their game.

After the surfing at Bells I was amped. Not only would I have paid £1000 for a neat southern NSW surf but I also got fired up over something Parko said after he won, which related well to my trading. So I took that onboard, went away for 3 days to restructure the way I trade and I'm noticing massive improvements with my psychological side of trading. Since then Deneil has been the only person to fire me up through goals, rewards and pressure. She has offered me every element of inspiration except the bit we take most from athletes, musicians, celebrities, etc: idolisation.

So now I'm intrigued... I regularly look up to a whole host of athletes, musicians and business people for inspiration but I don't even know them. I have no doubt that they have their own flaws but maybe my distance from them is what makes them 'idols' in my mind. Michael Hutchence quite possibly had more flaws that most but his charisma made him idolised. So what's the difference between one of your own crew who you respect immensely, and someone you idolise? It's a given that your idols are flawed in some way or another, as are your closest friends. So why don't we gain as much inspiration from people close to us as we do from people we've never met?

It'd be criminal not to leave you with the clip that gave me the title for this post! Enjoy.

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Ash Thomas said...

couches suck.

Go hard.