Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Random Photo from the Vault #1

Last weekend saw Deneil and I heading up to Buckinghamshire for a 'non-wedding wedding'. Deneil's friends Hannah and Simon are going back to Australia and getting married in November so this was a birthday/ farewell party/ wedding but without the vowels. It was no half attempt at a party either. Activities planned and executed with military precision from Friday night to Sunday afternoon made for a fantastic weekend.

There are millions of great photos from the weekend but all on Simon's camera so when I get a hold of them I'll put some up here.

In the meantime, I'll put up the first of my "Random Photos from the Vault".

On a blur of a weekend in Wales in late 2007, the 16 or so of us commandeered a local pub and after several failed attempts we managed to own the skill tester. This was the start of the large haul that saw us net over 25 stuffed toys. Here Dave proudly shows off what he originally thought was a respective catch...

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