Sunday, 24 May 2009

Life's Not Over Yet

We kicked it with the Blue Rinse set yesterday at Chelsea Flower and Garden show. Deneil has been meaning to go for a few years but has never been able to get tickets. Finally, this year, we made it.

It was really good. Apparently the exhibits this year were a bit povvo because of the lack of funding in this economic environment. The Australian entry pulled out because it was destroyed in the bush fires. So overall, if this year was of a lesser standard, then it's a pretty good show.

James May from Top Gear built a plasticine garden:

I found a peaceful splash pool which can be personalised to include fewer plants and more bar space in my house:

Someone built at totally impractical underwater garden, which still compelled me to hold my breath every time I walked by:

And Deneil sniffed brightly coloured weeds:

It was a great day. After all this civilised interaction we went to Hyde Park and made idiots of ourselves:

The weather is beautiful again today so who knows what's in store...

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