Sunday, 23 September 2012

Why Not?


Anonymous said...

Hey Nathan, cool video.

This is a pretty random question, but did you go to Solway Primary School? I went to school there with a kid called Nathan Fenton, who had fairly white-blonde hair. I was wondering if you were that same kid. Graduated Gd 6 in 1992?

Anyway, if not, never mind. If so, that's kinda cool.

Shannon Batten.

Snow. said...

Yeah that was me! What have you been up to?

Anonymous said...


Pretty random, my little girl started prep this year and her teacher's name is Miss Fenton (she said she's no relative though). The name prompted me to search your name in Google, and I found this blog.

I've been well. We moved to NSW after Solway, and I ended up doing PE teaching at Uni. I got into Running and Triathlon and got a job teaching back in Melbourne. I have a small family now.

Did you keep in touch with anyone from Solway?