Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Storm Surfers 3D

On Friday I saw the premiere of the new Ross Clarke Jones movie.  I might be a bit biased because I've always loved RCJ but that was incredible.

I guess it was as expected.  Red Bull Media House do their usual 'throw a heap of money at it and make an awesome vid' but I was surprised about two things.  Firstly, it was all in Australia.  I guess that leaves it open for a sequel and then a Home Alone style repeat but Australia is not renowned for having many big wave spots.

Secondly, I found the story to focus more on Tommy Carroll losing his confidence.  He has always talked a big game but in this movie he talked up why he wasn't charging as hard as he could.  Turning 50 and having kids was his story but this discussion went on for too long.  It seemed as though the majority of the movie was spent justifying why Tommy wasn't surfing.  Boring.  You could pick anyone but about 30 guys off the street anywhere around the world and they could tell you why they are not going to surf that 60ft wave.  I bought my ticket to see the guys who DID surf the wave.  Bring back Tony Ray, I say.

Regardless, the movie was incredible and made even better in 3D.  I actually think that even those who are not into surfing would enjoy it, too.  The idea of chasing something that ridiculous will draw people in but the character of Ross Clarke Jones makes the film.

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