Friday, 17 August 2012

Time Flies

Oh yeah, that update...  I realise that what felt like yesterday was actually 4 weeks ago.

For memory I was planning to post some photos from the Melburn Roobaix ride put on by Fyxomatosis.  It was an entertaining ride from Hawthorn Velodrome to Brunswick Velodrome through some of Melbourne's least used cobblestone laneways and with 2012 people riding the event it was good fun.

I rode with Lucan, Jarrad, Simon, and a crew of friends of friends which eventually saw eleven of us rolling together.  I think everyone who rode this year agreed they would do it again next year so I look forward to seeing how many people come along for that.  I think we will add a few extra pub stops along the route though...

There are heaps of good photos here:

2 weeks ago Carla and I stayed with Ash and Em in Mt Hotham for a weekend of skiing.  While Saturday afternoon offered some blue sky the rest of the weekend was pretty much a whiteout.  Neither bad weather nor the $106 1 day lift pass (a half day was $95!!) was going to keep me from my first ski in 18 months and despite being disappointed by the long lifts and short runs, I loved it.
Things were made better on Sunday when Ash and I went trekking and tracked out a bowl behind the lodges for free.  The only way to do it in Australia but I hope to be fitter next time!

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