Saturday, 19 February 2011

The last place I want to feel sick is on the most expensive holiday of the year but yesterday I felt horrible!!! Still managed to ski all day and then slept (poorly) for 12 hours but took the morning off this morning before starting to feel better. In the end it was just a bug but gee it hurt. Feeling much better now and going to make up for it on our last day tomorrow.

I'm not a huge fan of Val d'Isere; the proportion of time spent on lifts vs time spent skiing is painfully disproportionate and the runs don't link up very well. Maybe I've just been spoilt with Chamonix... The snow here is pretty bad but that's not the fault of Val.

Today the sun was shining so we went as high as we could. Du Montet has some very open faces so Seabrook and I went off piste. These faces were so tracked out it made it easy to see where to go or where not to go. But that wasn't good enough. Although crunchy, we wanted our own patch to track out. So we ended up in a thin valley with a heavy drop neither of us wanted to tackle with such shallow snow. The result of which was a tiresome 80 metre hike back out! At 3500m that 80m took us about 7 or 8 minutes. After a humourous breather we found a new line which was just as fun. If there are no clouds tomorrow we'll do it again (correct line this time) with the video camera...

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