Saturday, 5 February 2011

Buildings at 100 Club

Occasionally I pause while walking through London streets and have a look around. Every now and then I'm hit with the realisation that I am in LONDON. Not just a tourist destination for uber-painful Europeans trying to improve their English, or backpackers ticking off their 'mum-said-I-should' list. To me London is up there with the opposite sex for top influences that inspire the greatest music that has ever been produced. So despite being 39 years too late to see some of the music I adore being created I am extremely appreciative that some of the venues that helped make that happen are still open and thriving; and more great music is still being nurtured.

On Friday I went to The 100 Club in Oxford St, a venue with incredible history. With just 10 months left in London I was happy to kill two birds with one stone- I got to see a venue that has played a huge part in live music over the years as well as seeing a band I have heard a lot of good things about. Granted, I've known the lead singer and bassist of Buildings for a while and held them both in very high regard, but I was actually blown away by the quality of their live show.

As their booking agent suggests, "they show a unique and adventurous dynamic style and can boast a sound all of their own". I'm not glib enough to explain their sound and it would simply give other established bands a free ride if I were to liken Buildings to them... I found Buildings completely unique, and I don't get to suggest that very often. I think the music hit me at the right time; when I'm quite contemplative yet on the verge of a breakthrough. To me their verses felt like an inner dialogue, of sorts, and the chorus came together with an epic realisation combined with a burst of energy. That's the recipe for motivation, in my book.

I now realise the best music of all time wasn't limited to the jazz of the 1920/30's, nor the blues of the 1940/50's, nor the rock of the 1960/70's, and I am excited to see that incredible music is still being made today in the same venues.

Best gig I've seen for years.

Have a listen to their music at their Myspace.

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Mr X said...

100 club rules. did you see the pic of jagger killing it? that stage hasnt moved at all in 40 years! saw bob log III there in 08. he came out croud surfing in an inflatable boat (was topical at the time due to boat ppl in oz). the low roof meant he had to lie on his back and play the his slide gee-tar. all time log!