Sunday, 7 March 2010

Whoa, crazy week.

That was intensive... It's been a long time since I lived for one thing and one thing only. This past week has been just like that. Wake up early, study, go to school, come home, study, sleep. Just quietly, I've loved it but I couldn't do it for long. Anyway, all done now. Foundation exam passed and Practitioner exam awaiting results. Now I know how to dot the 'i's and cross the 't's when it comes to project work.

In other news, our cupboard needs a clean out, I think the spinach in our fridge is off, and UK TV really bores me.

The surfing world tour has started for the year and round 1 in Gold Coast has just finished. Taj managed to win- his 3rd in a row after winning the last round of last year and a warm up event leading up to Gold Coast. I would like to say that he can keep this up but I can't see him staying this focused. He certainly deserves it but I don't think he will. He hired a full time trainer last year (apparently only starting to train at all in 2008!) but I don't know if he has the hunger to need a win.

So for my annual "pick-the-tour-winner-after-round-one" selection, I'm going out on a limb and suggesting that Jordy Smith will take it if he can stay hungry. If he does it he'll be the first Saffa to win it since Shaun Thomson in 1977. My early pick last year was Parko (ended up 2nd) and the year before was Bede Durbidge (ended up 2nd) so maybe I should rename this my "pick-the-tour-runner-up-after-round-one" selection. Sorry Jord!

I guess now would be a good time to unveil my first BBQ Crew for the year. For those who wish to play along at home, the BBQ Crew is simply a list of surfers (past or present, male or female) who you would invite to your BBQ/ Braii/ Tea Party. Mine will always include Occy, Hoyo and Louie. That's a given. The greatest. End of story. My revolving BBQ Crew is as follows:
-Jordy Smith (for a stellar effort in round 1)
-Keg Bacalso (providing he can hold his drink)
-Freddy P (always good value but thinks he can out skoll me)
-Malia Jones (wouldn't you?)

-Dayne Reynolds (for that rocking those crazy boards recently)
-Owen Wright (he's the monster slayer!)

I'll leave you with the best bit of surfing footage I've seen for a long time. Cool soundtrack too...

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Ports said...

can i invite GT and fish....see who is the funnier karnt?

why wasn't hoyo doing his quikky pro thing this year?