Saturday, 18 April 2009

Two From Two

Parko won Bells and in the process got a lot of people talking about him for world champion this year. As he says, it's a long season and he's just taking it one event at a time.

All fine and well, but that just allows others to go about their title fight without too much pressure. I think Parko can handle the pressure, but Durbo and Bobby Martinez will love this quiet run throughout the season. Slater will either go away and cry cos he's not up there and do the events he feels like doing or he will come back so fired up that everybody will be left wondering what hit them.

So after waking up at 1am to watch the quarters and semis on the internet, I was so amped to see Adam Robertson make the final that I couldn't sleep. Luckily the final was yet to come so there was some hope that it would be boring and I could get back to sleep at 4am... But no. As the starting siren rang for the final, they played "Hells Bells" by AC/DC; the song that amps me up more than any other.

It was 3.25am and I may as well have got up and cranked the music- I was not sleeping. It only got worse when Robbo came out firing and lead after their first waves. Fortunately for my long term Nostradamus style predictions, yet unfortunately for my inner Victorian Pride, Parko won the final. But there was no shortage of admiration for Robbo. He won 9 heats in a row including coming through the trials to qualify for the main event. Hopefully Globe (his minor sponsor) step up and give him the support he deserves or another great company offer him a sponsorship.

So I tried searching Last FM for a thingy to put on the side of the blog showing what I'm listening to at the moment. But if I start messing around with HTML code, it'll all go oblong so that's not happening. After gaining inspiration from Bells and a few other occurrences over the past week I'm fired up and listening to very heavy tunes anyway. So to lighten it up, I will add one of the more interesting Reggae tunes I've found lately. Would you guess this dude is actually Italian?

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