Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Another ride; another so-so location

They're getting better... We are slowly finding better places to ride. Last weekend we ventured out to Bracknell Forest, between Ascot and Reading for a bit of a ride.

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We were purely on the hunt for fast, flowing track and after we paid the £2 'cycling permit' and got away from the crowds enjoying the 14 degree weather, we found... well, not much of that.

That's not to say it wasn't entertaining:

Or beautifully scenic:

But we gave it the respect it deserved:

We rode 2 very fun short, fast sections (video yet to come) but the sun was setting and we had no idea where we were. Our rapid evacuation was going well until Brett's quadzillas snapped his chain.

So with a bit of Bush Tucker Man meets MacGyver, we smashed the crap out of the link and forced it to perform its duties at least til we got back to the train station. (It lasted until about 1km from the station...)

We made it back without too many issues and with a growing hatred towards Felt's poor choice of components we sat at the station hearing delay after delay on the train lines. Next time- chain breaker, spare chain, and the ability to ride home instead of waiting for trains.

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Ash Thomas said...

a cycling permit??