Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Art of a Threat

"...I've got one word for you mate: Trip Advisor."

So Deneil and I have had a fantastic time in India. The country is certainly one of contrasts and contradictions. I couldn't find a way to explain what I've seen without contradicting myself in only the next sentence. While I work out how to explain it, I have to say that I'm really loving it.

In Goa, where we currently are, the beaches are amazing. We are down the bottom of the state, in Palolem where it's slightly more British than most places we've been but it's not over-run with tackiness.

While looking for a new place on the beach to stay, Deneil and I wandered into a very nice, upscale resort to check it out. There was an angry British couple just leaving. I'm not sure what they were angry about, they probably had every right to be angry as the prices this resort were probably charging, one would want to receive good service. But I had a gripe with the threat put on offer by the departing Pom. "I've got one word for you mate: Trip Advisor"!

I find threats all the more realistic and, well, 'threatening' when they are succinct and glib. A) The room cleaner would have no idea what Trip Advisor is, let alone the internet and all its glory. B) Yelling at him is probably not going to solve whatever issue you had, unless your neatly packaged bar of soap was not in it's rightful place. And C) TRIP ADVISOR IS TWO WORDS! Pick your battles pussy...

Anyway, due to my pathetic lack of updates, I'll give you some homework in case it takes me an inexcusably long time to post another:
1) Google Palolem. Then plan a trip here. It's amazing. We've been eating seafood and drinking cocktails for GBP18 a day.
2) Watch the Behind the Scenes with Hoy videos on the Quiksilver Pro website, and support Bede Durbidge, one of the greatest surfers on tour.
3) Laugh at the Spanish Prime Minister dropping the F-Bomb
4) Be patient until I can get to a computer that will let me upload the photos I've taken...

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