Monday, 25 February 2013


My drive is heavily fueled by motivation.  It comes and goes and for some tasks I'm happy to work when the motivation is there and let it fly when it is not.  For others, however, I have to keep working regardless of whether I am motivated.

I thought everyone needs motivation but now I'm wondering if that's true.  It's not necessarily a matter of driven people needing it and lazy people not; I know some very dedicated people who simply don't search for motivation.  They just plug away regardless.

I know I thrive off it, though.  Especially before a habit forms or before I can see progress in whatever it is I'm doing.  Sometimes it will come in the form of admiration; a kind of respect for someone who has done it before you.  It could be revenge or to show someone up: 'You said it couldn't be done...'  Sometimes it will be just the challenge of the challenge- which is the case for me meeting my targets at work, 'cos it certainly isn't the piss-weak bonus I'm going for!  Either way, it burns bright and burns rapidly so it's often short-lived for me and I'm constantly searching for new motivation.

Here are a few things that are getting me fired up to work harder at the moment:

Parko winning the world title.

Brian Mackenzie's 'alternative method of training'.

If you're in a slump, find something that inspires you to break out of it.  If you're the type to thrive off this, make sure you keep looking because I think inspiration is a starting point and motivation is a continuation of that.  Hopefully beyond that your progress will be all you need to keep pushing you along.

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