Saturday, 22 October 2011


In the last 2 weeks I've shipped everything I own (bar a backpack full of clothes and a skateboard) from Acton to Whitechapel to melbs (hopefully). I've also shipped myself to Whitechapel in East LoItalicndon as my lease is up and in the next week I'll ship myself to Notting Hill because Carla's lease is also up! All the while I'm still working full time, started training again, bricking it about the cost of living and not having a job in Aus, and trying to say goodbye to everyone I've met over here in the last 5 years. Ironic that my 1st month in London was spent in Notting Hill and my last month in London will also be spent in NH, but I'm perfectly happy with that; I love the place.

Still looking for that spare 20 minutes to sit down and write a blog on our trip to Germany- I'll make the time this weekend. Maybe I'll also make the time to sit down and select a good word to contribute to beating Dad in Words With Friends, instead of rushing it and settling for something like C-A-T. I'm fairly sure my vocabulary stretches further than that but it hasn't been tested lately. Innit Bruv.

Considering the only wheels in my possession at the moment are on a skateboard, I'm living vicariously through Felt Epix who have returned to big smiles after a year off. They are no longer officially contracted to Felt but still choose to ride Felt bikes, which has to be the biggest endorsement around.

In other news, I have sore feet, LCH have changed their margin parameters, and northern winter is the opposite of southern winter.

Have a good day.

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