Sunday, 16 January 2011

All Bull, No Hearne Hill

The Red Bull Mini-drome on Saturday night was brilliant. I loved it. But a slight downside was that there was no sign of anyone collecting for or promoting the Hearne Hill Trust. This was a massive missed opportunity considering there were 200 or so bike loving people there watching. Nevertheless, the velodrome looked fun, the people were slowly getting into it, and the stacks were brilliant.

For the finals it was a pursuit format for 10 laps. One rider on each side of the velodrome. Some races were over within 2 laps, some went right down to the wire and the crowd loved those. With the velodrome being so small it was less about power and more about bike handling abilities. The closer you kept the bike to the sweet spot on the banks the fast you went. One chick came from 3/4 of a lap down to eventually win after finding the right lines, despite having less power than her competitor. It was intriguing to watch.

I pulled out my camera for the first time since early last year and took a few random photos but because my wind-up computer is running slowly I'll put them in a separate post tomorrow.

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