Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Fairytale Bar Story

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, Tommy, Todd and I built a bar. It was only a few months ago but it's taken me an eternity to put it up on here...

So Tommy and Nicky bought a lovely new house in Finsbury Park and have an outdoor section which is relatively useless. No, not just because it's in England... They also have a backyard but this is a kind of small courtyard area. So while showing me around they suggested they didn't know what to do with that area as yet. I half jokingly, yet always up for a silly challenge, suggested it would be the perfect size for a bar. Their eyes lit up and wild, overindulgent planning began.

A few weeks later, Tommy and I took his mum's convertible Audi down to Wickes and bought some wood. In a convertible at a timber shop we must have looked like David and Elton buying material for a baby's cot.

Nevertheless we decided to draft in Todd, who designs furniture for a living. He should know what he's talking about. And building began.

Todd measuring twice, cutting... ahh, yeah.

There was no messing around here. Building toys for drunks requires drilling into walls.

Tommy ensuring the bar won't fall over when he's dancing on it.

Over the course of two weekends we finished off the structural part of the bar while Nicky set a date for the official opening and naming party.

Now as this party has come and gone I feel I should have some photos of the completed bar but I was simply in attendance as minder to my alter-ego during his guest bar stint.

Tommy managed to astro-turf the ground and walls of the bar and install a chiminea, and it looks sensational. I'll try to get some pics. Come both days of summer 2011 this bar will be well used. I guess we should find a name for it by then!

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